EQ Kids was developed by Dr Elize Groenewald, clinical social worker and psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience with both children and adults. The programme is developed to help children between the ages of 3 and 12 years to become emotionally empowered, and thus to be emotionally self-sufficient.The aim of this programme is to develop, empower and stimulate children on an emotional level.

An emotionally empowered child is a child who is keen to learn. Academic ability alone doesn’t guarantee coping skills in real life situations. Therefore, emotional empowerment forms important building blocks for the child’s adult life.

An emotionally strong child is a child who can look after him- or herself and who can cope with the ups and downs of adult life. Emotional building-blocks are formed during childhood. There are many adults who were excellent achievers in school, yet struggle to cope with pressure at work or tension in a relationship.

In many cases parents focus mainly on the cognitive development of their child. Children often use academic achievements as an anchor to sustain their sense of self-worth. This may support the child during school, but can easily collapse when entering adult life. In contrast to this pattern, an emotionally empowered child finds it much easier to cope in school and with challenges. The child develops a good self-esteem without the stress to do things perfectly. They can take risks without the fear for failure and rejection. Over protection of parents is also a big problem because children become fearful.

The main aim of EQ Kids is to emotionally develop, empower and stimulate children with a good self-esteem. Make your child streetwise with emotional empowerment.

8 Classes per term (30 minutes each)  
Small groups   Our Contact Details:

Leonie Taljard
084 597 7493

Manie Botha
083 254 7711

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Professional EQ facilitators
R500 per child per term
Individual therapy
Additional parenting course available on request

About Elize Groenewald

As a psychotherapist, Dr Elize Groenewald has been trained in and has been exposed to various theories and approaches – gestalt therapy, play therapy, the client-centered approach, transactional analysis, family therapy, heart- centered behavior hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive therapy and EMDR.

Dr Groenewald has been practicing for more than 20 years and obtained her master´s degree in play therapy in 1997, using the gestalt approach. Her doctorate was completed in 2002. Dr Groenewald has received both local and international training in her field.

Therapeutic fields working with adults: depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviour, co-dependence, sexual dysfunction, conflict in the marriage, low self image, grief therapy, death accompaniment, alcoholism, pregnancy and trauma therapy. Further studies are continually done.

Therapeutic approaches with children are done mainly in line with the schools of thought of Dr Violet Oaklander and Dr G Landerth. Therapeutic fields with children: aggression, divorce, loss, anxiety, stealing, ADHD, shyness, poor self image, trauma, bed-wetting and problems experienced in making friends.

About Leonie Taljard

Leonie is a psychometrist in private practice in Pretoria and she is knowledgeable in the use of psychological assessment tools in corporate-, clinical- and educational environments.

Her work experience with children off all ages stretches over a wide spectrum. This includes normal-functioning children, children with autism and Downs syndrome as well as children with ADD/ADHD.

Leonie has also completed training in playtherapy through Elsa Struwig Centre for Trauma and Playtherapy.

She has an inextinguishable passion to play a key role in the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. Society places immense pressure on families and through energetic and empathic communication, Leonie aims at emphasising the importance of raising children who are emotionally resilient.

About Manie Botha

Manie is an innovative leader and able to inspire people by means of his “out of the box” ideas and passionate vision.

He guides young people through everything that is important to them and his style challenges them to find their own identity and purpose – and he does this through the power of humour!

His passion for life and his inexhaustable energy makes him a refreshing contributor to any team and a valuable asset with a contagious optimistic outlook on life.

In the past 20 years Manie was chiseled to unique skills and an extraordinary talent as speaker to primarily communicate with the new generation and to motivate them. He does this through mentoring and inspriring on an individual- or group context and he guides young people to discover their strenghts and unique potential.