What is the Task of a Psychometrist?

Psychometrists perform psychological assessments and use psychological assessment data. Psychometrists are permitted to select, administer, score, and interpret psychological tests, write and sign reports and give feedback to clients independently. They need mentoring by, or refer to, a registered psychologist only when they find it necessary within their prescribed of practice as specified by the Board.

What is a Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric assessments are tests, exercises or questionnaires which measure cognitive, behavioural and personality constructs of an individual. Psychometric tests provide the assessor with information enabling or facilitating their decisions regarding selection and development of a career path. The broad reference to 'constructs' means that an assessment is being made of someone's abilities, personality, values, motivations and their interests or preferences. Psychometric assessments may entail the measurement of just on construct, for example personality of the individual. While this is so, in most instances a battery of tests are applied in order to follow an integrative or holistic approach.

About Leonie

Leonie Taljard is an Independent Psychometrist based in Pretoria, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the Board of Healthcare Funders.

She holds a BA degree in Health Sciences and Social Services as well as an Honours degree in Psychology. After completion of her Honours degree she was employed as an intern psychometrist with Ipac, a company specializing in risk assessment.

She has performed a wide variety of psychological assessments on consultation basis in the corporate sector. This includes assessments for selection and employee development purposes in the banking-, security, courier- and mining environment.

Leonie renders psychometric services to various psychologists in Pretoria and is active in the educational environment where she assists learners with subject choices based on suitable career paths as indicated by testing.

She also specializes in career assessment which entails testing on interest, personality, aptitude and intelligence. The results of these assessments are utilized in the identification of suitable career paths.

Results indicating slow reading, writing and processing as well as handwriting and spelling can be used for Examination Concession where additional time can be recommended.

Furthermore she offers sessions in study methods, time-management, motivation and examination preparation.

While studying, Leonie has worked in a private school in Pretoria where she facilitated children with Autism, Down’s syndrome, ADD and ADHD.

She takes a keen interest in trauma and has completed a course in Trauma debriefing through FAMSA and attended a seminar in Trauma Incident Reduction.

Leonie is also a license holder for the EQ Kids programme in the Pretoria area, together with Manie Botha. More information on EQ Kids can be found under the EQ Kids tab on this website.

EQ Kids was developed by Dr Elize Groenewald, clinical social worker and psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience with both children and adults. The programme is developed to help children between the ages of 3 and 12 years to become emotionally empowered, and thus to be emotionally self-sufficient.The aim of this programme is to develop, empower and stimulate children on an emotional level.

An emotionally empowered child is a child who is keen to learn. Academic ability alone doesn’t guarantee coping skills in real life situations. Therefore, emotional empowerment forms important building blocks for the child’s adult life.

An emotionally strong child is a child who can look after him- or herself and who can cope with the ups and downs of adult life. Emotional building-blocks are formed during childhood. There are many adults who were excellent achievers in school, yet struggle to cope with pressure at work or tension in a relationship.

In many cases parents focus mainly on the cognitive development of their child. Children often use academic achievements as an anchor to sustain their sense of self-worth. This may support the child during school, but can easily collapse when entering adult life. In contrast to this pattern, an emotionally empowered child finds it much easier to cope in school and with challenges. The child develops a good self-esteem without the stress to do things perfectly. They can take risks without the fear for failure and rejection. Over protection of parents is also a big problem because children become fearful.

The main aim of EQ Kids is to emotionally develop, empower and stimulate children with a good self-esteem. Make your child streetwise with emotional empowerment.

8 Classes per term (30 minutes each)  
Small groups   Our Contact Details:

Leonie Taljard

Manie Botha

Thoughts Create
Professional EQ facilitators
R500 per child per term
Individual therapy
Additional parenting course available on request

Services & Fees

The following services are offered:

Academic learning and support:
   • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & with hyperactivity (ADHD);
   • Study Skills and Methods;
   • Motivational Challenges;
   • Exam Preparation;

Vocational / Career Support:
   • Subject Choice;
   • Career Choice;
   • Career Preparation;
   • Choosing a Suitable Field of Study;

Corporate Assessment Process:
   • Pre-employment Screening;
   • Job-Fit Assessments (Personality, Aptitude, and Cognitive Performance);
   • Employee Development;

Permissible Assessment Tools for Clinical Evaluation as Indicated by Scope of Practice.


Practice packages exists for academic and vocational assessment sessions. These will be discussed with the client prior to consultation.
Practice rates are in line with the medical aid rate as determined by the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).
Clients are requested to settle their accounts with cash upon consultation. No card facilities are available. A receipt will be provided for medical claim purposes. Refunds from medical aids can however not be guaranteed and communication in this regard will be between the client and his/her medical aid provider.


For any questions or queries, feel free to contact me.